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Welcome to Shinjuku Washington Hotel Annex

If you are looking for a calm and relaxed environment to stay while remaning yourself among the busy Tokyo metropolitan area, Shinjuku Washington Hotel Annex is the best place to be! Locates adjacent to the Shinjuku Washington Hotel Main Building, you will find everything you need around the hotel. Shopping areas and various sightseeing spots are located within short walking distance for leisure tourists. Our 8 meeting rooms are available for those aiming for business travelers.

All of our guest rooms are equipped with free WiFi and most of floors of the Annex are designated as Non-Smoking floors. For safety of the female travelers, the special amenities will be offered and security locks are prepared. Laundry machines are available on 2nd floor for long staying travelers, relaxation room, computer, printer, massage chair are also available to make your stay comfortable.


    We would like to inform you about we will have an inspection.
    All electrical facility will be cut off during the operation such as elevator, TV, refrigerator, and hot water supply etc.

    DATE: MAY 7th, 2018
    TIME: From 1 A.M. to 5 A.M.

    ■Annex building
    Please note that only Annex building will be closed during the time below.
    ・May 6th 6:00pm - May 6th 10:30pm except for a restaurant "Fujita" at 1st floor Annex building
    ・May 6th 10:30pm -May 7th 9:00am Annex building only

    ■Main building
    To the guest staying with us on the night of May 6th
    Please check-in before 10:00pm.
    Further, any electrical equipment in your room will be unusable during the power outage.
    Also, please remember to unplug any electrical devices such as computers or the like.

    ■Breakfast hours on May 7th
    Open : Main building "Manhattan table" 25th Floor and "Yakichi" 2nd floor
    Close : Main building "Baron" 3rd floor and "Serari Geihinkan" 1st floor, Annex building "Fujita" 1st floor
    ※Main building "Baron" on 3rd floor will be opened as café hour from 10:00am.
    ※Annex building "Fujita" on 1st floor is closed for breakfast on May 7th.
    Will be opened for dinner hours on May 6th, 7th as usual.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but this inspection is required by law.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.